Port Macquarie Craft Expo

Port Macquarie is once again holding the annual Craft Expo this weekend at the Port Macquarie Racecourse. CTMH independent consultants are having a stand there and I’ll be in attendance. We’ll have lots of craft products, idea’s, and opportunities (like a door prize draw and more) plus hand made goodies for sale.

Which is why I have been absent from here – and a busy little butterfly. :)

IMG_3418I’ve been making a few things to sell. Some of these – Gift Boxes with Toffee’s inside.

IMG_3420Cute huh? They make great teacher or friend gifts for the classroom pals.

IMG_3676Then there is a bunch of cards with a variety of sentiments.

Then there is even one of these. Plus a few other surprises I’ll keep in store for the stand at the Port Macquarie Craft Expo.


Not sure if I am going to sell this Advent Calender or not. My younger two are hoping it is going to be filled with chocolates and set out in our family room soon.

You can fill it with chocolates or a little Lego toy or something else small of course. Alternatively put in little hand written notes sharing something to do for the day that is appropriate for the season.  Stay away from the candy perhaps?

Come down and see me from 11am to 3 pm on Sunday the 24th of November 2013 at the Craft Expo Port Macquarie. You’ll be able to find out about scrapbooking, stamping, card making and more. Not to mention upcoming workshops and some exciting things we have in store for 2014.

Look for stand #92 CTMH in the undercover out door area.

Washi Tape: Who Knew?

Ok, I’ll admit a fascination with Washi tape. Adore it! I am sure there are just a few of you out there like me.

So I was very pleased to come across this video from CTMH sharing fun ways to use both Washi Tape and Twist Ties on your projects.

Love the combined twist tie Washi tape concertinaed ribbon across the table marker.

Who knew?

Crafty Fundraiser

This week I am getting all crafty and doing lots of goodies up to sell at a fundraiser for a local preschool. It is a good opportunity to get out there and meet some more people while I share my Close to my Heart business.



Next week I am down in Sydney next week for a business event with Monica Wihongi, Close To My Heart Vice President of Training, Events, and Consultant Services. I met Monica in Melbourne and she is the sweetest little thing – with loads to share. As well as learning more about the business side of things we will be working hands on with new products. Can’t wait to get even more crafty.

While in Sydney I will also be holding a CTMH gathering and consultant information open day. Details are available by Contacting Me if you would like to come along.  We’ll be doing a mini “Create and Take” and also having a chat about the Close to My Heart Consultant Opportunity. There are some great incentives right now!

In the meantime you will find me at St Peter’s Hall, Ocean Drive, in Laurieton on Saturday 2/11/13 from 11:30 – 3 pm for the fundariser. I’ll have Scrapbooks and other CTMH items on display as well as some lovely gift ideas and handmade Christmas cards for sale.

Come along and say hello.


My Online Scrapbook Store

One of the cool things about Close to My Heart is the way they structure everything, making life easy for us little independent consultants here on the ground. Gotta love that!


The coolest thing is they provide us with our own individual website where our customers can go to order products easily.  You can even hold an online gathering if you are too busy to have one at home. This allows you to earn hostess rewards for qualifying orders.

So without further ado you will find my official CTMH website at http://craftroom.ctmh.com.au

Feel free to drop by and check it out. If you feel like ordering something you can click on my gathering link for the month which you can find in the box down on the bottom right, or just hit the shop tab up the top.

if you’d like to know more about holding your own online gathering with the chance to earn hostess rewards please contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I am off overseas, for about 2 weeks, helping my elderly Aunt, who lost her husband earlier this year take his ashes home to New Zealand. So I will be out of touch for a bit.

See you when I get back.

Creative Kickoff: A Fabulous Weekend

Creative Kickoff with Close to My Heart in Melbourne was fabulous. I learnt so much, created a bunch of layouts which just need photos adding to, and made some lovely new friends.

I renewed friendships with ladies I knew many years ago in Western Australia. Plus caught up with my good friend Ingrid and her precious daughter Ava who we knew for many years in Saudi.

In all it was a great weekend. Lots of love, laughter, food and friendship and of course paper crafting with a strong emphasis on scrapbooking and memory keeping.

Oh – and very swollen feet which are still not going down.

Now though it’s time for a break. Taking time to process it all, see what fits and if where I am headed makes sense. I need to spend some time with my precious kiddo’s, getting some rest. Hopefully this swelling that is hanging around in my feet may subside.

More later…

Creative Kickoff 2013

I leave on Thursday for Melbourne. Meeting a new friend that I will be rooming with at the airport there. We have both arranged to wear hot pink.  For me it is a  scarf and Lyn a top. This should make us easier to spot.

Getting there a half day early to take in the Monet exhibition and a little walk around town. We’ve been set a challenge to create a Crush Book album of the weekend so I want to get a few photo’s outside before the conference starts.

What tools to take for creating with was a hard decision? Everything I have in product, or nothing, except the list we have been given as what we would most need? In the end the bare basics won out. After all we are being given almost as much in product as our tickets cost.

Not a bad deal hey?

The more I am learning about Close to My Heart the more I am impressed. They seem to be as willing to give as to take. Which is a lot more than we seem to expect today, and hopefully something that continues to be true over the long term.

Creative Kickoff – Melbourne 2013

Soon I’ll be headed to Melbourne for Creative Kickoff – the first ever Australian Consultants conference being held by Close to My Heart.  After chatting with hubby, about this new hobby jobby as I call it, we decided I should go down to Melbourne at the end of the month for something called Creative Kickoff.

Having been in other direct selling plans before I am a little cautious, and like to find out more about who I am working with as an independent consultant. Been there before and been disappointed.

Kickoff is a convention or conference to fill us in on how to use product and help us get to know “Close to My Heart”. Which is what I want to do before getting too far along

It will also allow me to connect with my up-line and our team, most of whom are in WA. I feel a little like a singleton out here so it will be nice to be a part of the group.

It’s also a great chance to catch up with old friends in Melbourne and make lots of new ones. :)

Looking forward to it all.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a trip to Melbourne??

Opening the CTMH Consultants Kit

My kit arrived today and you would have thought it was Christmas. Both my girls got in on opening the box. Everything was pulled out, oohed and ahhed over. then “what do we do with it?” declared.



I got on the email, invited a couple of neighbours over and held a gathering that night. Only one was able to come but with the girls and I that made 4 of us.

Lots of fun was had playing with the Close to My heart Products and while I did not do much myself it was great to see the delight on the faces of those at the table as they all created their own scrapbook page.

Think I am going to enjoy this new learning curve also. :)

A New Beginning, A New Blog

A few weeks ago I found out that Close to My Heart was opening in Australia. Quite excited about it actually. While living overseas a few years ago a good friend was a consultant, and I very much enjoyed using their products.

So I looked into it after hearing about them opening here and talking to a consultant. From the information she gave me, I liked what I saw and decided to join.

It’s a new beginning, although I’m not sure just yet if it’s something I want to do full time. Though I must admit it feels good to be getting back into my craft and scrapbooking, and seems to be a good motivation for me. Application is in the mail today, and I can’t wait to get my kit.

At only $99 AUD to join, and with $300 worth of product coming in the kit, it is well worth me checking it out.

Which is the reason for starting this blog. To share fun crafty capers, with paper, scissors, and glue, memory keeping life, and teaching others to do the same. Plus my adventures and journey as an Independent Consultant with Close to My Heart Australia.

If you are interested in my older craft adventures while living overseas, including hybrid and digital scrapbooking, on a sadly mucked up and un-fixable blog, you can find it here at http://analteredlife.wordpress.com/

Won’t you come along on my adventure with me…